Monday, December 1, 2008

A website!

Next assignment: explore the website. This site/service is cool!

The idea behind Delicious is you can use it "tag" websites that you visit. If you find a useful site and want to remember what it was and why you liked it, you can assign one or more identifying words to it. Later, when you want to find sites about a given subject you go to Delicious and search for sites with that subject tag.

But Delicious is much better than this, because you can go there anytime and view everyone else's tags. In essence, the site is a big catalogue of websites that are about a certain subject. Unlike a Google search, you get hits for sites that someone has tagged as being about a subject, instead of just sites that have a given word in its text somewhere.

So, for example, I searched for sites with the tag "freshwater mussels." I immediately got a list of great sites, including one with a couple of articles by local mussel gure G. Thomas Watters. Think of the searching this tool can save, because you're basically viewing the results of other people's searching! You don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Here's the search I did...see for yourself.

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